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Laxton is situated in the north of Nottinghamshire, close to the A1, but its agricultural system functions according to the rules of the system established in mediaeval times.

The three Open Fields contain strips worked by the farmers of the village, tenants of the Crown Estate, under the jurisdiction of the Court Leet and Jury. This legally constituted manorial court ensures that the three year crop rotation continues and that the farmers maintain the boundaries of their strips as they always have.

There are approximately 100 dwellings in the village, which has a church, a popular pub, The Dovecote Inn, and a traditional village shop. The Laxton Visitor Centre stands in the grounds of The Dovecote.

The church of St Michael the Archangel is a historic building in its own right and has a host of historic features of interest to visitors and scholars alike.

Laxton Exhibition

Laxton was the subject of an exhibition by the University of Nottingham's Manuscripts and Special Collections Department between April and August 2009. The exhibition included three lunch time talks, one of which was given by Stuart Rose.

Slides from the talks and audio recordings of two of them plus a video podcast of the event are available as part of the on line version of the exhibition. Click here to view the exhibition.

Click here to view the University's Laxton Learning Resource on line.

Stuart Rose and Prof. John Beckett at the official opening of the Laxton Exhibition
Photo: Manuscripts & Special Collections, Nottingham University


Laxton Church, The Dovecote Inn and Laxton Visitor Centre